Letter 54 (the last of the Senate!)


Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina)

717 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-6121


Well, I’m finished!

Not quite.

Senator Tim Scott has the honor of being the last Republican in the Senate to receive a letter from me. The goal is to write to every single Republican member of Congress, and I’ve completed one segment of that mission. The Senate is finished, and now I’m moving on to the House. This will be a bit trickier, because Republicans in the House tend to be more hardcore in their beliefs because they don’t need to be as moderate as their Senate counterparts. Many come from deep, deep crimson states and from small rural jurisdictions, and it’s harder to find common ground with them than it is for Republicans that have to represent an entire state, rather than a small segment. Gerrymandered districts also make it harder to compromise with those that answer only to a homogenous group with similar political leanings (especially when it’s already in a racially/economically/politically homogenous state to begin with). Since they aren’t as high profile as Senators, more research is required and it takes more time to figure out who the Representative is as a person when they have little media coverage and are from a less-populated area. That said, the fact that many are less well known makes me hope that the writing campaign will be that much more effective, and being able to speak to people from more niche parts of the country is exciting. Unfortunately, their jobs are a bit tougher because they have shorter terms than Senators, so they have to commit a lot of time to running campaigns and doing fundraisers. It’s a huge, gross flaw in our electoral system.

And when I’m done with the House…it’s time to start all over again. There is no end date to this project. It is an evolving, ever-changing, and continuing work that I have no intention of stopping (unless my bank account can no longer handle buying all of these stamps). As my letters say: We will not go away. We will not be silent.

(And here’s a bit of light reading – it’s a pocket-sized book with only 115 pages, I promise! – from Timothy Snyder: On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century. It’s a good price [$3.99/kindle, $7.99/print, $5.95/audio] for a much-needed, concise history about what we need to remember from the last century and what we need to brace ourselves for. It’s packed with the big ideas and is a call to arms as much as it is an urgent reminder from the past.)

Photo: Harsh winter branches high up in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia

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