In 2014 – it wasn’t even an election year, for crying out loud – my Obama campaign bumper sticker was defaced with a big “NO!” written in black marker. Classy. Nothing says maturity like anonymously vandalizing someone’s car.

It just made me want to fight even more.

When they go low, we go high. Even when they mock you or try to bring your morale down, you have to rise above it and keep going.

I was able to clean it off, and my car since then now sports a Bernie Sanders and a Hillary Clinton bumper sticker to go with Barack Obama’s. I support all of them – why choose?

UPDATE: April 3, 2017

Someone ACTUALLY took the time to scrape off the Hillary Clinton sticker on my mom’s car. That takes a little time. It’s not simply writing “NO!” with a pen and running off. You have to put some effort into scraping off an entire bumper sticker. Who does that? Sure, I’ve always wanted to kick a car with a Trump sticker, but I’m actually a respectful person that has boundaries, so I don’t. Honestly. It’s ridiculous.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sally says:

    Remember when my hilary sticker was torn half off?


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